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Astronomy animations include an exploration of the Big Bang idea of how the Universe came into existence, roughly about 13.7 billion years ago. Big Bang theory combines the cosmological principal with the idea of continuing universal expansion according to the Friedmann-Lemaitre model of general relativity. Lots of ideas at the moment include the notion of Dark matter, providing a gravitational pull on the visible matter of the galaxies which would explain the observed acceleration of the universeís continued expansion.

Other (loop quantum gravity) ideas suggest that the Big Bang was the beginning of a period of expansion that followed after a period of contraction. The Big Bang was in effect a Big Bounce. The Big Bang theory might be seen to imply infinite density (all those infinite galaxies, planets, comets etc had to come from somewhere), which is seen by some as a tricky concept. The Big Bounce idea gets round this.

Animations also include shots of Cassini exploring Saturn and Titan - a simply fantastic site at covers all this with shot of Titans surface, Saturn rings, updates on Cassiniís mission, where Cassini is at the moment etc.

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