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Clip ids reading left to right, top down are 609-39, 609-34, 641-34, 641-33

The hardware / software animations are PAL 720 by 576, 25 fps, these technology/voip/software/hardware/computer/ animation previews are 400 by 225 mpg's.
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The Computer hardware clips were simply to show digital circuitry, ROM chips, processors - all hardware circuits that reside on the motherboard. The hardware shown exemplifies the hardware of a personal computer. Apparently, much of this hardware is not seen by users. It exists in embedded systems such as those of cars, televisions, washing machines, CD players etc. The hardware of the personal computer made up only about 0.2% of all the computers produced in 2003 (wikipedia). These clips were the first that I ever produced.

Read an article on genetic algorithms and thought I’d tie this in to an idea for software animation. I also liked the way dna is encoded data and thought a binary version of this would help convey ideas of software systems operating in a sea of binary information. Software is itself an ordered sequence of instructions, written in either a high level language (such as C++, Java etc) or in a low level / machine level language (assembler, machine code). The high level code is either interpreted, in the case of script languages, or compiled; then loaded into RAM (Random Access Memory) before being executed by the CPU - Central Processing Unit. I felt that all this was not a million miles away from the way DNA was expressed within a cell.

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