Gene and genetically modified organisms: animations of genes: gmo / proteomics

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clip id:  aa054579 gene / genes / genetic engineering clip id: aa054580 gene, genes / genetic engineering clip id: 656-103 gene / genes / genetic sequence / genetic engineering
clip id: aa054595 genes / sperm clip id: 933-58 clip id: aa054581 genes / genetic engineering

Gene and genetic engineering: gene / proteomics / genetic animations.

Clip ids reading left to right, top down are aa054579; aa054580; 656-103; aa054594; 933-58; aa054581

The genetics animations are PAL 720 by 576, 25 fps, these gene animation previews are 400 by 225 mpg's.
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Genetic engineering , genetic modification (GM) and gene splicing - all refer to the process of manipulating genes . The aim is to express a protein through the isolation, manipulation and reintroduction of DNA into cells. The cells physical or physiological character is thus changed. Examples for use are widespread. Such a process can help make crops resistant to herbicides or make modified bacteria produce human insulin. The first genetically engineered drug was human insulin in 1982. The first genetically engineered vaccine for humans (Hepatitis B) was approved in 1986. Huge ethical concerns continue to be voiced under the epithet of ‘Frankenstein Foods’.

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