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science and tech 3D animation:

Most animation gets used for inhouse corporate education and external corporate presentations and promotion.

Still images / artwork:

aids virus bacteria virus neurons virus gold virus
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Bacteriophage hiv virus rbc virus Buckyball
sperm virus nanotech insulin nerveCells
haemoglobin blood silver sun

Stills from the animations get used all over. Animation formats range from HD film, to web / CD / DVD, from broadcast TV to DVD / video.

GOLD Brain Aids/Hiv
Quantum Genetics Bacteria
Silver global communication Quantum
Space Money Nuclear Energy
DNA science clone Nanotech science

Herpes - Herpes virus animation
HIV pictures - lifecycle of aids virus
Solar system - animations of cassini, big bang
Bacteria - movies of rod shaped bacteria
cloning - cloning and stem cells movies
Blood - animations of red blood cells
neurons - animations of brain neurons
DNA - animations of dna, genetic engineering
renewable Energy (green) - animations fuelcells phys.
human genome animations - dna, sperm cell, gels animations
Gene Therapy - movies of genetic engineering
pictures of satellite communication - shots of satellites and zoomins
wellness and health - clips for pharmaceutical
biology - movies of dna, sperm cells
molecular NanoTechnology - clips of nano dna engines
Nuclear Energy - animations of nuclear phys
pandemic flu. - shots of virus
chemistry - movies of sub molecular reactions
Satellite - movies of comms satellites
Skeletal - animation of skull, brain, bones
Solar System - animation of planets, cassini
Technology - movie clips of computer boards and genetic algorithums
Virus / flu - microbiology animations


Film I Robot (20th Century Fox),
Solaris (20th Century Fox),
Matrix Revolutions
(Warner Bros)
Chicken Little (Disney)
Time Line (Paramount)
Naqoyqatsi (Miramax films)
The Thirst (Independent)
Dead & Deader (Independent)

Royal Society of Chemistry,
British Medical Journal,
The Lancet,
Royal College of Obstetricians,
BBC tv news,
New Scientist,
Pearson UK,
Dorling Kindersley,
Queen Mary University,
Imagine publishing,
Newton Magazine,
The Financial Times,
The Telegraph,
Maverick TV,
Spirit and Destiny,
Bristol Magazines,
Raintree publishing,
Twig World,
Hong Kong Jockey Club,
Swordfish Advertising,
Hindawi Publishing,
Tandem Verlag,

TV adverts

"24" Fox.
CIT "Future".
Casino Niagra.
Court TV.
La Presse.
The Globe and Mail.
Jet tech.
Exxon Mobile.
AT&T Wireless.
Absolut Vodka.
Washoe Medical.
The Sunday Times.
Wired Magazine.

TV doc / MTV

BBC 1 The 6o'clockNews.
Superhero science (Discovery Channel).
"The Adventure"
(Angels in Airwaves)
The Rich List.
Explore life.
"Last Days on Earth".
"Your Millionaire Mind"(Creation Film)
The Whitehouse for sale Channel4
What makes us human Channel4


Science foundation S103 The Open University
Indian Music A429 The Open University
ElisaLAB Oxford University,
RiaLAB Oxford University
Interactive Video Indiana Uni school of Medicine
Atlantic Institute of Medicine & Research

sales / promotional
DVD / web

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Use animation to illustrate your ideas!


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HIV pictures
Solar system animations
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Blood pressure
neuron animation
pictures of DNA molecules
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human genome project pictures
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Solar System pictures
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