nuclear energy: animations of nuclear energy, renewable energy and nuclear physics

clip id: 12345; Uranium to critical mass clip id: 12345; Nuclear energy
clip id: 12345; Nuclear energy clip id: 12345; radiation

nuclear physics, renewable energy and uranium / uranium enrichment
Nuclear energy animations three of which loop seemlessly. animations explore ideas of nuclear physics, fusion, radiation and the generation of energy from splitting the Uranium nucleus.

Clip ids reading left to right, top down are 933-67, 933-69, 933-68, 933-70

The nuclear animations are HD 1920 by 1080, 25 fps, these coin animation previews are 400 by 225 mpg's.
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Nuclear physics: A nuclear reaction involves the collision of two nuclei or nuclear particles. Binding energy is released in the course of the reaction. The energy released in a nuclear reaction may be either kinetic energy, emission of high energy protons called gamma rays. Some energy can remain in the nucleus as metastable energy. Energy may also be given off in the form of X-rays.

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